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How often we try to send a message but we end up sending the wrong one and not the intended unintentionally. A group of young men were given the responsibility to clear up a refuse dump site and when they were done, they intended to send a message to habitats (human habitats of course) in the environ -DUMP NO REFUSE HERE- but unfortunately they ended up with –DUMP NO REFUGE HERE- which I think was a result of the level of their literacy, close to zero percent level of formal education to be precise. But is it just the below average educated folks that do send the wrong message unintentionally? The obvious answer is NO!
Fortunately, I happen to have added network administration to my resume, computer networks actually, and core network geeks would be familiar with the acronym MOTD (Message Of The Day). Don’t knock your head over if have no idea what that is, it’s just a message displayed at the front door of a network, no big deal. A certain network admin happen to set his firm's netwo…


What a title! Actually that was the conclusion of a friend I was discussing with earlier this morning. But talking factually could that be right? Was Mikel really better in 2013?
First of I think the major problem is that most people do not really understand the criteria for winning the prestigious prize.
But let’s get back in time a bit into 2013, Mikel won two major trophies (the Europa cup and the prestigious Africa Nations Cup), Yaya on the other hand won nothing for the year 2013. First of let’s consider the Europa cup, would you say Mikel Obi was a major contributor to Chelsea winning that award? For me, I don’t think so that not to say he didn’t contribute at all.
As for the Africa Nations Cup, I won’t argue, he (Mikel Obi) was a major contributor. He organized the midfield pack very well, had eyes for intelligent passes but never had his name on the score sheet. Back to Yaya, the same could be said of him with regards to team play, intelligent passes, organizing the midfield pack …


Being the most or probably one of the most notable union movements in our country Nigeria (due to their regular strike that comes up every 2 years – almost turning a tradition if it’s not already) I guess very few persons would be ignorant of the acronym ASUU. But for the microscopic few who may still be ignorant due to very good reasons known to them, the acronym stands for Academic Staff Union of Universities. But please don’t get carried away the universities there refers to just Nigerian universities. The union came to be in the year 1978 with a history of militant action. ASUU was formed as a successor to the Nigerian Association of University Teachers formed in 1965 and covering academic staff in all of the Federal and State Universities in the country.

The union was active in struggles against the military regime during the 1980s. In 1988 the union organized a National Strike to obtain fair wages and university autonomy. As a result, the ASUU was proscribed on 7 August 1988 and a…